Lauren’s Diary: Dwi’n Caru y Eisteddfod!

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Dear Diary,

Shwmae! Lauren eto! Little bit of Welsh is necessary in this diary entry as I went to the Eisteddfod on Saturday!

It was a great day and it was amazing to share the Welsh culture with fellow residents of Wales. We arrived at about 9am (which is really early) and went to have a look around. There were so many stalls there! I think my personal favourite was the Techniquest stall since I love visiting the actual place.

Dylan ate so many sweets that he felt sick. Totally his own fault, but the sweets did look really nice. Whilst Dylan tried to keep his food down, Mum and I explored all the stalls. We even bumped into CLIC! Obviously, I had a CLICzine – it’s always interesting to read! And Dylan did some colouring on the Meic stand.

We then went to the BBC stall where there was a Dalek and Dylan and I had our photo taken. I must try and talk mum and dad to taking us on a tour of the BBC studios some day. Meanwhile, Nana Bibli was at some home-made stalls and bought some really cute Welshy things like a keyring saying “fy allweddi” meaning “my keys” yn Gymraeg. Grandad Bibli was also with her and bought some cute things for the garden. Not sure what, exactly… I think it was a Welsh Lady? I should take more notice.

The whole day was brilliant and I really really enjoyed! I’m certainly going again next year – The Biblis go Eisteddfod!

Bye for now!

L x

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