Lauren’s Diary: The Date

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Hey guys! I’m sharing exclusive extracts from my diary here on CLIC with you people so you can get an inside in the day in the life of me – Lauren Bibli! You may pick up some info about the library on the way…

Dear Diary,

So, you’ll never guess what. Rhodri asked me on a date! Well…sorta. He had two tickets to a gig to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee this Tuesday, and he asked me to go with him! Eep! I am so excited! I have no clue what to wear! I was thinking maybe a cute union jack t-shirt, black skirt and ripped tights, but I’m not sure! I’ll have to have a look at some of the magazines I borrowed from the library for inspiration. I’m sure those teen-style magazines will have something about British style in them considering it’s the jubilee period. I am so psyched, you will not believe!

I’ve just arrived home from a weekend at my friend, Phoebe’s caravan. Despite the atrocious weather, we sure had fun! We rented some DVD’s from the library the day before and had a DVD and takeaway night last night. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will never get old, if you ask me! We also rented out Disney Pixar’s Up, The Notebook and Mr Bean’s Holiday. A bit of an emotional night followed by comedy. Friday night, we went bowling. I had three strikes. Of course, I felt victory each time! Hehe. The journey home today would have driven us to total boredom if it wasn’t for us watching Shrek the Third which we also rented on the portable DVD player, a lush McDonald’s, and playing Tap Tap on our iPhones in between.

Life right now, diary, is good. I cannot wait to meet up with the girls at the library again to play a little Guitar Hero and, of course, the gig with Rhodri on Tuesday! 

Bye for now!

L x

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