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Siwmae! We’re Cyhoeddiadau Lemonêd Publishing, a group of young people from South Wales writing, illustrating and publishing a series of bilingual children’s books and mental health books.


Our goal is to teach young people that when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonêd! We are writing books with themes of mental health and bullying to help children of different ages overcome changes in their lives that could be upsetting or difficult. Our group consists of Zoë who’s Head of Marketing, Megan who’s Lead Writer, Seren who’s Lead Illustrator, Katie who’s Operating Manager, Arianwen who’s Editor and Ebony who’s our Researcher. Cyhoeddiadau Lemonêd Publishing is a social enterprise that is supported by Ynysybwl Regeneration Partnership and YEPS. Our group is already being recognised and we are proud of all the hard work each individual has put into making this a success. Seren has won Young Innovator of the Year 2019, and the group has won Enterprise of the Year 2019 to recognise our hard work and dedication.

Our aim now is to engage with as many young people as possible through our stories and encourage leading a healthy lifestyle.


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