Lifehack @ The Pop Factory (Sunday 21st October)

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Hey everyone I’m back, yes, I have climbed out of the woodwork of the Wicid headquarters to tell you all about Lifehack. No, not the YouTube trend of using lemons to charge your iPhone but the Festyporth event run by the Wales Millennium Centre.

Whether you’re interested in radio, art or even journalism this event was your chance to network and learn from creative professionals from their respected industries. 

My first impression upon arriving was that of slight confusion yet awe of such an event being so well put together. Now I know that I just contradicted myself, how can I be confused at an event that’s well organised? Well the answer is simple, there was such a wide variety of workshops that I got easily confused on what I actually wanted to do. After a few minutes browsing, I decided on Journalism, TV and Radio workshops as I believed those were the most useful choices for myself and Wicid as a whole.

John Geraint had a few welcoming words for everyone before we all dispersed off to the separate workshops which were marked out by a colour scheme. We made our way off to the red room for our journalism workshop, hosted by Phil Morris founder of Wales Arts Review, the workshop consisted of a presentation on Wales Arts Review and its usefulness as a contact. We then moved on to a practical writing experience where we all wrote a short piece on the new Doctor Who, each of us taking a unique approach to the piece, some of us taking a more direct approach to the controversies while others took a more story esque style. We all reached a different conclusions on the newest season, bringing to light that the story may be the same yet the conclusion of the audience and critics may always be different. I felt this workshop was more than worthwhile and would be happy to continue working with Wales Arts Review.

We then moved onto our TV workshop hosted by Llinos from Wild Flame Productions, this workshop felt extremely familiar having just finished my creative media level 3. We were once again presented with a presentation on the company and who they were, after a few clips of documentaries that Wild Flame and Llinos had worked on, we moved straight onto creating a pitch. We were given a scenario from Channel 4, they are looking for a new documentary on animals, you may choose all factors of the show such as who will present it, where it would be filmed and what animals it would centre around.

This is something you can get involved with in the comments below, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. My personal idea was to document animals that you find in council estates and have Frank Gallagher (Shameless) to narrate. This workshop was easily the one with the most discussion between the group, there was a major discussion on how narrating ants could make a great show.

After this workshop we moved onto a session of speed networking, I found it difficult to get questions in at times as the allocated 2 minutes just wasn’t enough to get all the networking questions across and exchange contact details. However this is my ONLY criticism of the entire event. 

Now we move onto the final workshop of the evening which was easily the funnest, a workshop with Radio Platfform. We had a quick discussion about our experience with radio and what Radio Platfform were planning in the future but then swiftly moved on to planning our own short radio show which we then recorded there and then. My group chose to discuss the latest movies, Nenom, Mamma Mia 2 and Mission Impossible 6 whilst the other group discussed the difficulties of studying in the UK as a foreign exchange student. I have to say this was the most fun I had out of the 3 workshops as we practically took part in a short radio show, I highly recommend keeping your eye on Radio Platfform, these guys have some big things happening around the end of November.

We descended the staircase one last time for a splash of networking and food, I sadly had to skip the event ending gig to return home but from what I heard whilst they warmed up they would have been great. The networking allowed me to gather many useful contacts for the future including a festival I may be exhibiting my photography at called Rawffest, this festival of the arts is based in the Wales Millennium Centre in April next year, watch this space for more info.

To wrap up this event in one word I’d have to use ‘Shway’, it was well organised, the workshops were all useful and enjoyable from what i gathered talking to the industry professionals and other young people in attendance. 

I have been the illusive VGBish and you have been great, thank you for taking some time out of your day to read my piece, peace!


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