Lockdown 2020

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So lockdown 2020…

I am not going to lie I’ve struggled most weeks, at the start nagging my parents to let me out, but by week 4 after driving my mum crazy it hit me that this is serious and she’s keeping me in for my own safety.

Over lockdown school has sent loads of A level work which to be fair I weren’t really happy with at the start but getting in with it has helped.

I have kept my fitness up by going for 10km walks or bike rides, nearly passing out after but still enjoying them:).

Also how can I forget my friends, they have been on call, there for me every day laughing and joking, but the one thing that will stick with me is how amazing the teachers from Tonyrefail Community School have been, keeping in touch and helping and same for capel youth workers. I’ve had some really low weeks where I’ve not got out of bed, not eaten, but with the help of my family, friends, teachers and  youth workers, even not actually seeing them they still manage to help.

Over lockdown I have learned that we have very very good days and some bad days but we can keep going and keep fighting.

I have also learned that there are very lovely people out there waiting if you to fall to pick you back up again.

My thinking is live your life to the best and enjoy it

Tia Prosser

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  1. Dennis Payne says:

    Hi Tia

    What a great article you have put together. It is so nice to know that despite the situation we all find ourselves in you realise that days do have ups and downs but you are never alone and talking to someone really helps just as you say !

    Take care Tia, your old, old Youth Worker from Mt Comp Dennis


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