Loving our brothers, by Lillian

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Our group discussion on the obligation of loving our brothers and on how to do so the practical level was based on the Gospel of St. Matthew and on the Last Judgement. A month earlier we had chosen St. Matthew’s gospels as our subject for personal meditation. We got together to discuss our individual thoughts and there was a heated discussion. We came to realise, despite our commitment, we had never gone beyond a very limited concept of charity. We were all aware of the importace of being solicitous for our neighbours’ welfare, of exercising care in our inter-personal relationships, of giving ourselves totally to others.
The social dimensions of charity, however, the love of others through organisations and movements seemed to be beyond the competence of faith, although we were willing enough to take it in to account in practice. We therefore listened as Jesus explained again in todays terms the unconditional commandment of love.

“You must love your brothers. That is an absolute requirement of our religion.”
“Master, which is the greatest requirement of the law ?”
“You must love the Lord your God with all of your heart and all of your soul and with all of your mind. This is your greatest and the First Commandment. The second resembles it. You must love your neighbour as yourself.”
Jesus was not talking about advice but about commandments.
“The love of our brothers is an infallible test our love of God. Anyone who says I love God and hates his brother is a liar.”


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