Macbeth @ Caerphilly Castle

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Macbeth is without a doubt one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays because it’s still being performed today and in a different language! Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru has developed a production of the Shakespearean classic and has been translated into Welsh by Gwyn Thomas and performed in Caerphilly Castle.

Macbeth is a story that is studied every year in classrooms across the world. This sad, political and historical play is obviously a classic! The general from Scotland called Macbeth received a prophecy by 3 witches that he will be King. This takes Macbeth on an adventure of guilt and paranoia.

You walk around the spooky castle in the night and see different parts of the performance. The lighting was effective and makes it much more dramatic and scary. The castle is perfect for the production because you get a real feeling of the period. The acting was excellent by Richard Lynch, Ffion Dafis and the rest of the cast by portraying the characters perfectly. Arwel Gruffydd’s directing was very good as well.

The show was performed in Caerphilly Castle between the seventh and eighteenth of February. This show is also being filmed and broadcast live, giving people the opportunity to watch a performance in a local cinema.


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