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I wrote this script for my drama exam which I managed to get an A in. The theme was Grand Guignol (horror). Hope you like it!

(Lights turn on, off stage, right. (Dim) and on stage down left. (Dim but bit brighter)

(Poppy and Eleanor are on the floor. Poppy playing with her toys and Eleanor watching. Rosie runs in with a letter)

Rosie: Mama, we have a letter.

Eleanor: Thank you, darling.

(Rosie sits down on the floor and starts to play with her toys, Eleanor stands up and reads the letter, Eleanor walks backwards and falls into her chair. She puts her head in her hands; Rosie puts her hand on Eleanor’s knee. They freeze)

Lili: Mama loved papa. We all did. I remember when she got the letter. I remember when she told us, I still remember the very words.

(Eleanor gets up from her chair and kneels on the floor; she taps Poppy and Lili on the shoulders then looks up and shakes her head. She looks back down)

Lili and Eleanor: Papa’s dead.

Lili: Papa died in the war, they said there was nothing they could do. Mama went crazy after that. She said we all reminded her of him. Especially my older sister. She was only six. Mama dragged her out of the room. I still remember her piercing scream.

(As Lili is speaking Eleanor grips Poppy by the hair and drags her out of the room, Poppy scrabbles backwards off stage then screams)

Lili: Mama said she was going to see a special person, she said it would make her better, but it didn’t. We miss papa, and we miss Poppy too.

(Rosie gets up, picks up the letter and walks off stage)

Lili: Rosie, wait!

(Lights go down)

(Lights turn on, off stage left. Quite bright). (On stage. Brightish)

(Emma walks in and sits down; she begins to write down a few things. Eleanor knocks on the door)

Emma: Come in.

(Eleanor walks in and gives her shall to Emma, she then sits down)

Emma: Mrs Thorne is it?

(Eleanor nods)

Emma: Have you had any sessions with us before?

(Eleanor nods)

Emma: How many?

Eleanor: A few.

Emma: Ok, and you have been diagnosed with depression?

Eleanor: Yes.

Emma: So tell me what has been happening In the past week?

Eleanor: They all act like him.

Emma: Who?

Eleanor: My husband.

Emma: And what’s his name?

Eleanor: Ben.

Emma: And what do they do?

Eleanor: Ben was in the Army, they always march around the house or they talk like soldiers. I tell them to stop but they don’t listen.

Emma: Ok, I think I know what we have-

Eleanor: No.

Emma: I will book you an appointment with-

Eleanor: I can’t.

Emma: It will be for the-

Eleanor: I want to kill her.

Emma: Who?

Eleanor: Rosie, my daughter. I want to strangle her, why?

(Freeze) Lights off stage right turn off)

Lili: Rosie, will Mama ever get better?

Rosie: Of course she will, I promise.

Poppy: She won’t get better will she? Look what she did to me, she KILLED me!

Rosie: Now smarten up. Mama will be home soon.

Lili: Mama will get better, I hope so. I love her so much.

Rosie: Lili, come on.

Lili: Coming.

(Rosie and Lili walk off stage)

Poppy: She is going to kill you…I’ll make sure of it.

(Poppy walks off stage. Lights on stage turn off and lights off stage right turn on again)

Emma: Ok, I will book you an appointment with a social worker for next week.

(Emma gives back Eleanor’s cardigan and Eleanor stands up and walks out, she stops, takes a deep breath then carries on walking)

(Emma packs up her things and starts to walk out. Poppy follows reaching out for Emma)

Poppy: You didn’t help her in time.

(Lights turn off)

(Lights turn on, centre stage and off stage left dim).

(Rosie and Lili playing with their toys, centre stage and Eleanor walks on off stage and kneels down, picks up a book and calls for Rosie)

Eleanor: Rosie, it’s time for your bedtime story.

(Rosie gets up to leave)

Lili: Wait.

Rosie: I will be back, I promise.

Lili: Pinky?

Rosie: Pinky.

Eleanor: Rosie?

(Rosie walks down stage and sits on the floor)

Eleanor: So what story do you want today?

Rosie: Humpty Dumpty, please, Mama.

Eleanor: Ok. (Opens the book)

Rosie: Mama?

Eleanor: Yes, darling?

Rosie: Can papa read me the story?

(Eleanor slams the book closed)

Rosie: Mama… Mama?

(Eleanor slaps Rosie over the face, Rosie screams)

Lili: Rosie?

(Eleanor begins to strangle Rosie, Rosie struggles then dies, and Eleanor gets up and sits in a wooden chair in the bedroom staring into the audience). (Lights turn off, off stage)

(Emma, Poppy and Rosie are standing in a line at the back of the stage)

Lili: 1,2 buckle my shoe.

Rosie: She’s going to kill you!

Lili: 3, 4 there’s a knock on the door.

Poppy: She’s not Mama anymore!

(Eleanor gets up and starts to walk up the stage and stands behind Lili)

Lili: 5,6 Pick up the stick.

Emma: You’re the last she picked!

Lili: 7, 8 lay them-

Eleanor: It’s your due date!

Lili: Mama?

Eleanor: Oh don’t worry darling, everything will be just fine!

(Lili stands up)

Lili: Mama, stop it, you’re scaring me!

Eleanor: What did you just say?

Lili: (Stutters) I-I-I

(Eleanor slaps Lili across the face and Lili falls to the floor)

Lili: I said nothing.

(Eleanor gets down on her knees next to Lili)

Eleanor: That’s what I thought!

Lili: Papa wouldn’t like you anymore!

(Eleanor grabs Lili by the neck and starts to strangle her)

Eleanor: I told you never to speak of him again!

Lili: Rosie help! Help, help, please Mama Stop it, stop!


(Eleanor gets up and walks over Lili’s body to centre stage)

(Poppy, Emma, Rosie and Lili stand in a staggered line across the stage, They start humming a tune)

Eleanor: 9,10 It was all for Ben!

(The girls push Eleanor down the stairs, she screams)

(Still humming the tune, Poppy and Rosie fall to the floor)

(Still humming the tune Emma and Lili turn to each other)

Lili: 11,12.

Emma: That didn’t end.

(They both turn back to the front)

Emma and Lili: Well!

(They both fall to the floor)

(Lights turn off)

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