Many WICID hours with many WICID people!

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Yes, I am on about the awesome Residential we had at Cardiff Millennium Centre!
Here’s how it went for me anyway, A horrific alarm sound buzzed in my ear at 6am on Tuesday 25th October ready to go on a residential which was packed full of fun. As I waited for my lift to Porth depot by watching two episodes of Family guy, (The Jackass One and Evil Stewie ones if anyone’s interested!) I made my first of many cup of coffees of the day. If I am to wake up early and meet some new people then I needed to be awake and with a little bit of energy! Anyway, when on the bus with blasting music playing at about 7:15am in the morning I think the bus driver got distracted by it and BANG! Smashed the side mirror right into the next bus stop, So yeah, as you can imagine. The people at that bus stop were also FULLY awake now!!
So while they sorted out a new bus and all that business, Craig gave me one of the most addicting, annoying, must-be-really-patient game of all time called Jelly defence. Most of you are now probably thinking. ‘Jelly Defence?!?! How hard can it be to defend yourself against Jelly?!’ Well let me tell you now! Craig will also back me up on this. It’s easier to squeeze water out of a brick!!
Let me explain, there is a route on which these red and blue jelly elephant-looking monsters follow and you have other blue and red jelly not-elephant-looking monsters that shoot them, But some elephants (I think I’ll call them elephants!!) are big, some are fast, some are small and some have lives that seem impossible to get rid of! You also get to upgrade your defenders (Yeah, defenders sounds good!!) when you have enough money to and when the elephants get trickier!
So yeah, playing that game was really annoying but fun, I have to admit!

Once we got there, and we were all getting our luggage, well I say luggage, but in Craig’s situation. Getting our Apple world out of the bus and into the Hostel we all sat in the horrible-smelling room (which has an Arabic T.V channel!) and set our ground-rules. To give you an insight on what these rules were like. Wicid Bethan had the number one rule which was ‘Be an Octimus Prime and not a Negatron!’ What in god’s name that means I don’t know! But it seems reasonable to me anyway! We all then decided what O.C.N courses we wanted to do. We could pick out of:
Film Making

As it is something I wish to do in future, I chose the Photography course which was tutored by Professional Plugged-in Photographer Darren Warner. We started off by learning about the different styles of Composition. We then went outside for a while out in CardiffBay to put these styles into action. We then went in for dinner, which was probably the worst and littlest dinner I have ever had in my entire life! The choice was Beef Lasagne or Cheese and Mushroom pasta. The sides were Garlic bread and Salad. We also then had a choice of Blackcurrant or Orange squash. I’m sure at least 90% of WICID people that attended would agree with me that it would have been better to make a runner down the Bay to Subway!! When we were back to our courses, the photography course takers learned about the Styles of angles and that ‘Photoshop doesn’t make a bad photo good. But it will make a good photo better!’ We then went back out to take more photos and to make sure we used our fresh knowledge on angles.
After that we had spare time to sort ourselves out before we had to go to Cinemas. That was my chance to go to Tesco and have a look on the offers they have which were quite good! I was determined to buy the Jammy Dodger offer where you buy one and get TWO free!! What a deal!! But I had to go for the two chocolate bars for 80p.
When it was time to go to cinemas, I had decided that the movie-for-me was Johnny English: Reborn. What a movie! One of the best movies I ever saw in my life! If you haven’t seen it yet then I suggest that you do, you won’t regret it! I won’t tell you what happens but I will tell you this, if you ever have a Chinese cleaner come to your home lock all doors and windows and run for your life!
After the cinemas we went back and had a game of killer and drunk some coffee. We then watched this T.V programme where they were making cakes in the shape of a ship! And drinking another coffee. We then got told we had to go to bed… but not our room!
In our room, we had someone sleep-talking randomly, someone whose foot kept having a spasm, someone who couldn’t keep their wind in and a snorer! Which meant that the last few of us went to sleep at about 3:30am and got waken up by dancing and singing Karen who wanted us to do exercises at 7:15am on a Wednesday morning. We did ask her if she was on anything, got blotto in the night or just got a couple of monsters downed into her body but apparently she was clean!
I then got made a fool by the scariest shower ever! At first, when I got in, it was warm. It then started to get hot, then boiling. It then slowly got back to warm and then BAM! Dropped straight down into ice-cold temperatures and then as I was panicking and trying to get it hotter, it started making noises at me! It was a sort of a ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww’ Sound! So at the end I just got out and went to see what I had to digest into me that I really didn’t want to. It was cereal, toast, or spew-looking egg, bacon and beans. We also had a choice of Tea or Coffee. (Guess which one I had!! ;D) After that and our little walk down to Starbucks for something tidy. (Which I had this lush chocolate-coated marshmallow!) Then it was back to our courses where we in photography started printing off our photos and filling in our booklets.
After that we all got ready to do our final activity which was speed-boating. As I can’t travel on water and Owen just simply ‘Hates’ sea water, we went off to Cardiff and Owen went to Subway! When we came back the second boat was ready to go off so the people on the first boat and us two went back where I had to complete (and still FAILED!!) the jelly defence level. But as we waited for our Bus back home, The second boat that was out at sea had actually Broke down!! So we sort of had our departure time delayed but not by much. The bus journey back home wasn’t that special because everyone was falling back to sleep so I can’t tell you anything about that sorry.

That’s the end of my story of the WICID residential October 2011.

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    I love the story, bringing back so many memories of the fab time we had. Great writing.

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