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I’m guessing you’ve clicked this article due to finding the rumour going around facebook about McDonalds?

Well, as far as I know, it’s fake. Mcdonalds have tweeted that it is fake (see image) and it’s just some stupid rumour going around facebook, just like the Sylvester Stalone’s Death, except that one didn’t get around as much as this one.

If you clicked this because you thought “Hmm.. Peter Elliott has written an article. Let’s read!” Then thank you very much. If it’s “A McDonalds rumour?! What?!?” – Then, I also agree!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, apparently all McDonalds restaurants in the U.K have been banned by the government to sell any food items to any ‘CHILD’ under the age of 18.
This is due to the government looking for ways to tackle obesity in Britain.
Pfftt! What a load of rubbish!
McDonalds doesn’t make people fat! Eating loads and loads of food does!

Putting this age limit on means that someone can join the army and fight and risk their lives, but have to show ID to buy a burger! Because that makes perfect sense and it is a VERY sensible thing to do….

Now before you moan and groan, I don’t know for sure if this is true or not but to be honest, I’d believe McDonalds answer rather than posts/’photos’ that are going around facebook.

But in one restaurant in England they have actually banned serving to Under 18’s in tracksuits due to inappropriate behaviour and have made threats to staff at that particular McDonalds.

The only way I can think of confirming this as true or not is if you actually go to McDonalds and see a sign up saying this.

I don’t know about you but I HOPE this ISN’T true because I absolutely LOVE McDonalds!!!!

That’s all 🙂

2 thoughts on “McDonalds Rumour”

  1. CrazyDistortion says:

    Er. No.

    This is a fake.

    It was a fake when it came out about three years ago, it is now.

    First of all, they would have to have a legit reasonings as to do so, and the “obesity” line in that grainy image is a joke considering they still sell Happy Meals to kids.

    Second of all, they wouldn’t use Comic Sans, unless they want to look unprofessional. They’d use a font like Verdana or Ariel.

    Third, it’s bad for business. Come on. If you were walking down the street and see a McDonald’s (not McDonalds) and a Burger King on the same stretch of road – McD’s not selling to youths and BK are, so for less hassle, young people will just head to BK. Idiotic move by McD’s, resulting in less takings.

    So yeah, I didn’t need to rationalise my reasonings as this was false many years ago (and will be for many to come), but there is no way a company like McDonald’s would be idiotic enough to do something like this. It’ll be like Apple stopping young people from buying an iPad because of its size.

  2. CrazyDistortion says:

    @Peter Elliot But if it was the Government doing so, they wouldn’t just target McDonald’s, they’d hit all fast food restaurants. Burger King, KFC, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, the lot of them will be targeted, and it would be on the news too.

    There’s no need for hope, it’s a definite fake. I’ll bet a tenner that this type of this will come again within the next ten years, and it still be a fake.

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