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Yn Gymraeg

On an average sort of day,
I walked to the shop in a simple kind of way,
With less than a kick in my step,
I didn’t jump, or smile, or flex.

I walk around, staring at the clothes,
When all and behold,
I see a call from my mobile phone,
It reads “Cat: Incoming Call.”

So we swap ‘hellos and pleasantries,
With a laugh and joke,
But more seriously she phones to tell me,
I have been chosen in a draw,

I’m interviewing McFly on Friday,
Who would have known?

As soon as I found out that I had an interview slot with McFly ahead of their gig at the CIA on 22 March, I was so excited as you can imagine, I was also instantly nervous.

Although I can’t call myself a superfan, I couldn’t make an early Noughties playlist without this band I was so very tempted to put five colours in my hair for the interview! It didn’t go completely smoothly though, I was running nearly 20 minutes later than planned and, to top it all off, I hadn’t a clue where Cardiff Library (our meeting point) was!

I was so worried that I jotted down 36 questions on Post-It notes on the train down to save time. Turns out, I worried for no reason; I got to Cardiff at 4.30pm, and found out the interview wasn’t until 6pm .. Oh well! When I found Cardiff Library (which was surprisingly easy; it’s right by the station) I met with Ryan from CLIC and Dayana from ProMo-Cymru, and was introduced to the other competition winners Holly and Scott.

Together we went over the questions and Holly got a lesson in recording equipment Lights, Camera, Action! 101. Scott, in his very photographer-esque manner, toyed over which lens and light would give the best quality shots. And of course, as a professional, he favours film!The walk over to the CIA was anxious to say the least as we approached there were fans outside, knowing the band had an interview (Kudos to them for standing in the cold for well over an hour!) We sat down and waited as McFly were late due to, we found out later, being attacked by a mob of fans (oh, the trials and tribulations of rockstars, eh?)

We were then greeted by Charley from Live Nation and taken to a room to compose ourselves. Of course, the rehearsal of Thomas The Tank Engine Live taking place inside did help break the atmosphere! As we were called in, there they were, all sat down chatting casually Me and Holly were nervous wrecks, but they do this every day; they were having fun. Scott got his shots and I sat down, about two feet away from Tom Fletcher! The camera started and I began to mutter the questions.

About ten minutes later I was completely at ease: they were so funny and lighthearted, which created a friendly vibe. We quickly got some stuff signed and as they tackled each other to the floor, laughing, we said our goodbyes.

Sitting at home later that night was just surreal listening to “Shine a Light” the next day just felt so different than it did before! I’d like to thank CLIC, ProMo-Cymru, Live Nation, the boys of McFly and of course, good ol’ Lady Luck for giving me, Holly and Scott this opportunity, and I can’t wait for the next interview (Hint, hint!)

We’ll get Scott’s photos up on our new Gallery as soon as they’re ready. In the meantime, watch the video at the top of this article and check out our YouTube channel for more interviews with McFly!

McFly play the Cardiff International Arena on Tuesday 22 March. Tickets (£14 – £28.50) are available from the box office (029 2022 4488) or online at Live Nation.


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