Mean Girls 2; I wouldn’t if I were you…

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If someone had asked me of my expectations of ‘Mean Girls 2’ before I’d watched it, I’d say “Well, it wouldn’t be as good as the first, of course, but I think it’d be watchable”. I was wrong. It wasn’t watchable at all, I turned it off after 20 minutes and here’s why:

Number one, the characters. The main character is a Disney character, I mean really! Since when was high school anything like a Disney film? Her greasy, spaniel-like hair, un-relatable background and ridiculously unreal indifference to all those around her made her, well, dull to say the least. ‘The plastics’, i.e. The ‘Mean Girls’ weren’t just catty like good ole Regina George, and Gretchen Weiners, they were downright bullies. Rather than simply feeling like they owned the school, like the brilliant original plastics, they went out of their way to make everyone’s lives around them Hell, and when it goes from spreading rumours like a usual group of high-school queen bees, to wrecking someone’s Ferrari, they become hated, not amusing, characters. Now, the best friend of the main character, wellshe was simply a wannabe plastic, an un-relatable character who gets into ridiculous, and I mean downright stupid, situations.

Number 2 – the technical side. Okay, so, films are usually filmed by professional cameramen, right? Well, from what I saw, Mean Girls 2 wasn’t. At least, I assume so as the camerawork was, to say the least, shabby. I could see the camera physically shaking, the picture wasn’t great (no, it wasn’t my TV!) and, well, it was just awful! Also, there are no good songs in the film! I mean, for goodness sake!

Number three – what a copycat! I suppose all sequels need some similarities to its predecessor, but this film did this so obviously and stupid it was incredible. As most teenagers between the ages of 13-19 will remember, the original Mean Girls begins with a frank and hilarious monologue by Linsey Lohan. So does Mean Girls 2. The original first shows the protagonist tying her shoelace. So does the sequel. There’s the scene at the cafeteria, where she outlines the various cliques, which is comical and insightful. So does the second but in a naff, cheesy, and, less amusing way. The whole film (or the twenty minutes I saw) was a completely cheesy, un-amusing, and naff version of the first. I do apologise if I jumped to conclusions about this film, and if it becomes spectacular after the first twenty minutes, do inform me, however, in what I saw, I have never, ever been more disappointed by a sequel. Well, except maybe Shrek the fourth. No, actually. No. Still the worst sequel ever!


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