Review: Meet Fred @ Chapter Arts Centre

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Meet Fred follows a puppet as he makes his way through life, however his life is a tv series. He has to apply for a job, entertain at a party and go on a date. As you can probably guess, things go wrong. The play was generally very funny with some adult humour and audience interaction.

The acting consisted of 3 men holding a puppet and playing a different part of the body. Their teamwork was shocking and amazing. I felt that the ‘Director’s’ was a little wooden, however, this did not take away from the play. I feel that the puppet’s interactions with the props was very realistic and the 3 men playing the puppet were very talented.

The staging was very minimalistic with 3 black boards at the back with the brain storming ideas on them. The props consisted of a black box, a chair and a wheeling box. The 3 men made the puppet interact with all aspects of the props as if the puppet was real and it was one being.  The script was also being projected up onto the wall behind the actors.

The costumes were very minimalistic for the three men controlling Fred as they were just wearing all black. The job finder was wearing typical desk job clothing (suit and tie) and the director was wearing jeans, t-shirt and a baseball cap. These were realistic costumes.

For me, the show was to make you think about your own life and to make you think whether you were like the puppet in ever day life.  I think that it achieved that. I also think there was an underlying theme of depression as at the end, Fred tries to commit suicide. Although this was all hidden under comedic lines, I think they were trying to tell people that you can get through depression.

The audience really enjoyed the show as we were all laughing through the entire play.

I very much enjoyed the show and would definitely see it again. The amount of work that must have gone into the performance must have been massive and a very entertaining piece was delivered. It was a show to be proud of. I would definitely recommend the show to people 16 years and over, however I think that it is unsuitable for younger viewers as there were sexual references. Overall it was a really excellent play.


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