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Readers – I know the next article I was supposed to write was about Electric Velvet – ‘Still in Love With You’ – UK’s Eurovision 2015 entry, but I have decided to do that later when all songs have been revealed.

Now, we head off to Sweden as Melodifestivalen is a contest held there which chooses the representative for Sweden in Eurovision. Melodifestivalen is also televised on SVT (The Swedish Broadcaster for Eurovision) and (The Offical Eurovision Website).

When did Melodifestivalen start?

Melodifestivalen first took place on 29th January,1959, at Cirkus in Stockholm. Eight songs were in the running and there were four ‘expert’ juries in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Lulea.

How does Melodifestivalen work?

Melodifestivalen’s format has changed over the years, the show used to be just one live show, but now there are at least 4 semi-finals televised on consecutive Saturday nights.The semi-finals start early February and 8 songs compete in these (sometimes 7); there are no juries in this voting – just televotes.

Second Chance Round

This is the fifth heat, this also decides the ninth and tenth places in the final. This round is basically the round that decides the others, otherwise there’d only be 4 winners. In the Second Chance Round there are 4 heats. For example:

Heat 1
Song 1 vs Song 2
There is no televoting in this. A panel of previous Melodifestivalen singers vote on the winner of each heat and there are 4 in total.

The Final of Melodifestivalen
The Final of Melodifestivalen takes place tonight at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET) .Two from each semifinal, two from the Second Chance Round. A running order is decided by the competition’s supervisors the week before to ensure that similar songs and artists are kept apart in the final.

How do they win?
The current voting format introduced in 2011 is basically similar to the Eurovision voting; 11 international juries each award 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 points to their top seven songs, the eleven juries account for 50% of the total score while televotes account for the remaining 50%. At the end of the voting the song and artist with the highest amount of points is declared the winner.

Winners of Melodifestivalen
We all know the famous “Waterloo / I was defeated / you won the war” by Abba in 1974 in Brighton after Luxembourg declined to host for the third time in a row. Then there’s the “…EUPHORIA!…” by Loreen in 2012. Since then Melodifestivalen has created these two winners and 3 others.

Now you know what it is but what are the rules?

Rules of Melodifestivalen
The rules are pretty much dictated from the Eurovision Song Contest; however, regulations have been introduced by the Swedish broadcasters. The official rules of Melodifestivalen are released early in preparation for each year’s Melodifestivalen, to ensure any changes are noted by songwriters and performers.

Now this is is just one article of Melodifestivalen – check back soon for my second article.

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