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I went into Men in Black: International with low expectations as I hated the trailers and heard critics were bashing it. I’m a fan of MIB so I was expecting it to be better than it was.

Check out the trailer and let me know if you agree.

So, Molly (Tessa Thompson) has been searching for the Men in Black for 20 years after she witnesses her parents being neutralised. But once she does find them, she demands to be recruited. Agent O, played by Emma Thompson sends her on probation with Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth, to try and catch a mole in the Men in Black organisation.


The performances are fine. Chris Hemsworth tries but doesn’t fully deliver but he’s just fine same as Tessa Thompson. Liam Neeson is just Liam Neeson so nothing surprising there and Emma Thompson same, but we needed more of her as she is like one of the best agents in MIB.

The pacing in at the stars was good, I wasn’t bored during it but once it moved further in I felt myself switching off. The set up of the film plot was going so well then it just sort of slopes off.

The chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is a joy to watch as they’ve worked together on two Marvel movies so their chemistry ain’t perfect but it’s a joy watching them work together.

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The CGI was terrible. The creatures were ugly, yes they are suppose to look ugly but the CGI didn’t do them any favours.

The story is the weakest part of the movie. It’s basically the same story as MIB but with a female lead which isn’t bad but they could’ve added some freshness to it. They even copied a scene from the first MIB; SPOILERS the don’t touch it scene is exactly like in the first film but with Agent M touching a creature instead of a ball, but it’s done in the same way. It has nothing new except from a different cast and that’s it really.

The creatures or monsters whatever you call them are the best part of MIB trilogy and they are completely downgraded here. There’s no real standout creatures and the ones that we are introduced to are completely forgettable like the entirety of this awful movie. SPOILERS again but the twist is predictable. Liam Neeson is the villain after all, the final climax is Agent M and Agent H finding out that Neeson is the villain, it just left me empty. It didn’t have any tension whatsoever.

The screenplay is awful written, sorry Matthew Hollaway and Art Marcum, but I didn’t like the way they wrote the characters which were all undeveloped. Molly’s character is badly written with an awful story of why she wants to join MIB. SPOILERS AGAIN SORRY Molly says she has nothing after her parents were neutralised not killed, just neutralised and she still says she has nothing to live for, BUT SHE DOES!

With the first MIB I cared for the characters because they were well written then they developed through the other movies, not here unfortunately, I didn’t care for what happens to them.

Director F. Gary Gray who I am a fan of definitely was not the right guy for this one. His direction is so flat that I was confused of how he directed the masterful Straight Outta Compton then this. It looked like he didn’t really seem interested in directing MIB: International, looks like he done it for that fat paycheque.

The action sequences get quite messy at times. The fight scenes didn’t really add anything to the characters or the story. The trailers showed this so I think it’s okay to say this without a spoiler but Hemsworth literally makes a Thor reference! No just no!

The structure is generic, it follows the same (exact) formula that we have seen thousands of times. The weapons are meh, nothing to write about really, doesn’t have anything memorable.

This is awarded the worst comedy of 2019! The humour was very, very, VERY bad and it was off-putting. The cast is wasted, there was literally no point having Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson in this film at all. As nice as it is to see Emma Thompson as the agent she doesn’t really have much effect same with Neeson.

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MIB: International is nothing more than a bland and empty remake with a predictable twist and disappointing creatures.


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