Meow Meow: The Dangers

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Mephedrone (also known as MKat, Meow-Meow, Bubbles) is a drug that has become increasingly popular amongst young people in recent years. The drug was legal up until 2010, and was being marketed as a ‘plant food’ – allowing it to be bought at ease over the internet and, even, in shops. People were therefore finding it easy to get their hands on a drug that was legal, but had the same effects as an illegal drug. Many users have placed the effects of mephedrone between cocaine and ecstasy. However, the drug became classified as a Class B drug – in the same category as amphetamines – after expert drug advisers disclosed that the drug had been implicated in 25 deaths in Scotland and England in 2010. Though, since 2010, there are now many more deaths that have been linked with the drug and there’s still a number of people aged under 25 dying as implications of the drug. However, the scary facts regarding MKat-implicated-deaths doesn’t seem to have put an end to the amount of young people who are experimenting with it and, due to its severe addictive qualities, soon find themselves using the drug more and more.

But many users have reported negative side-effects such as:
67% of users experienced excessive sweating
51% of users experienced headaches
43% of users experienced heart palpitations
27% of users experienced nausea
15% of users had blue or cold fingers

One FRANK user has this to say about mephedrone:

I’m Lauren, I’m 18 nearly 19 and have always done drugs of some sort. I always refused to take mkat but then my best friend started taking it when we was out and told me she was losing weight on it, I’ve always been conscious of my weight being a size 10 and so thought id give it a go, I loved it, so carried on taking it. I started just doing half a gram on a night out to then ending up doing 3 grams + a weekend and a couple grams in the week and even going to work on the stuff, everything I thought was okay till 11th of February, a night to remember! Me and my friends got the mkat as usual had a gram before town and then sniffed another whilst in town got back to mine with mates at around 2 had another couple of lines and then suddenly the whole room started flashing moving etc, I had no idea what was going on, I don’t even really remember much apart from being taken outside to wait for an ambulance, I physically couldn’t breathe! Eventually got to hospital was placed onto a drip and my heart rate was measuring 165 bpm, I was close to fitting. so just remember be very careful on drugs, I’d never ever had a nose bleed or anything on drugs before and I basically thought I was invincible, so just be careful!

If you, or your mates, would like some guidance and advice about mephedrone, you can find help in these places: 880 090

You can also seek help through your local, detached youth workers:

Lead worker for help with mental health and wellbeing:

Judith Sandry
Tel – 07825675845


Alistair Cope
Tel – 07786523910


Chris Medlicott (Comm 1st)
Tel – 07769164672

Debbie Sheppard (Services For Young People)
Tel – 07799132140

Mountain Ash

Allyn Jones
Tel – 07799132142


Hannah Godwin
Tel – 07799132144


Ryan Strong
Tel – 07825675843


Steve Webb
Tel – 07717432387


Lynne Jones
(Comm 1st)
Tel – 07769164671

Zoe Jenkins
Tel – 07825675855


Stacey Oliver
Tel – 07825675844


Lee Taylor
Tel – 07825675859

Y Pant

Leon Bansal
Tel – 07825675852


Rachel Brydon
Tel – 07825675848


Rhian Kingsbury (Comm 1st)
Tel – 07769164677

Lucie Williams (Services For Young People)
Tel – 07825675851

RCT Wide

Tracey Webster
Tel – 07825675860

Laura Morgan
Tel – 07786523707

MEIC is the information, advice and support helpline for children and young people in Wales. For more information, check out:

CAMHS is the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) NHS-provided services for children in the mental health arena in the UK. For more information, check out:

You can also seek advice through your local doctor.


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