Merry Christmas From Peter Piper

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Hello Wicid!

To everyone who reads my stories, I hope you’re enjoying them! I love to tell them all to you. 

What are we all having for Christmas? Father Christmas is bringing me that new Xbox Kinect. Gareth has gone in a strop. He hates Christmas, like Scrooge!

As it’s Christmas, I’m going to give you info on the oncoming year of Peter Piper. In January, I will be going to Merthyr, Ystrad, and Cardiff and the CSA are teaming up with another gang called the JSA, which is the Japanese Secret Army. In February, I will be kidnapped! So it’s up to Gareth to save me, which is going to be very complicated!

Well, there’s not much else I can say to you all now so, have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Peter Piper

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