Merthyr: Rocked!

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Yn Gymraeg

On the 3rd September 2011, I was lucky enough to attend Merthyr Rocks along with BethantheBarmy and Clic. At around 9:30 in the morning I waited outside my house to be picked up ready to go to the festival. It took a little longer than expected but I didn’t really mind. We held up the cars in my street – as you do – in order to sort the seats out so that Cindy from Clic could get in the back and I could sit in the front. We tried to hurry as much as possible as the impatient drivers were sat in their cars giving us looks (You didn’t need to know that but…oh, shush! It’s my story and I’ll go into detail if I want to!). After all this we drove to Bethan’s house to pick her up before heading to the festival.

Once we arrived and found a place to park, we were given passes as we were working for the festival. We then headed off to look for our stall. We couldn’t find it at first because it wasn’t a real stall but a table with a big banner saying “cliconline” and whatnot. I immediately envied the other people there who had tents; they were sheltered in case it rained. Unfair! Bethan was really cold so Cindy offered us some Clic t-shirts, we gladly put them on but everyone was still so cold, apart from me: I was been wearing a furry hoodie that my mother made me wear and I now had two t-shirts on. We decided to head to the press tent (or as Bethan called it “Depressed tent” because it was tiny!), and logged onto the Wicid Facebook to update you lovely lot before heading over to get some refreshments and look over the line up for the day. We decided that we wanted to interview Eric Unseen as they were the winners of Clic & Merthyr Rocks’ Battle of the Bands 2011 and frankly, they are just awesome. After we set up our stall, Bethan and I had a little snoop at one or two of the other stalls before festival begun and then started handing out Cliczines and freebies to the gathering crowd. It seems as though the young people took a shine to the freebies more than the Cliczines, though I suppose you can’t please everyone, can you? But there were a few enthusiastic people who happily took them, so that’s good.

Not long after, Eric Unseen took to the main stage and performed; without a doubt they gave my favourite performance of the whole day. They performed songs from their CD and the audience took a shine to them. After the performance, we headed backstage to interview them. We couldn’t find a quiet spot backstage so we decided to interview them under a tree! The interview was great and the boys were very friendly, we even got free CDs and t-shirts (I shoved mine on under my Clic one so I now had three t-shirts on. I certainly could not complain about the cold!), which was very kind of them! After the interview we gave out more Cliczines and freebies and watched a few more acts such as Broken Vinyl Club and Richard Kinsey who were all great.

Towards the late afternoon it began to rain, which was a shame. Apparently that’s “festival weather” but I don’t see why that’s considered to being a good thing. Soaking wet we went over to a photoshoot stand where we had a couple of photos taken (for free!) and I even got to take a few of Cat and Bethan myself! That was a great half an hour, except for when the rain started bouncing off the tent onto our heads. When I said I wanted a shower that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind! We decided to head back over to the press office for the last time before grabbing a cup of tea, which scolded the inside of my mouth, and heading home.

All in all, it was a great day despite the weather. I really enjoyed myself and would love to go again next year! I’d like to thank Clic and Wicid for taking me to the event and Eric Unseen for letting us interview them.

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Sounds like Merthyr was the place to be on the weekend!

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    It was indeed! I really enjoyed it! I wish I could have gone yesterday, too!

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