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Everyone reading this article, or not, should know the king of comedy himself – Michael McIntyre.
You know, the bloke who looks like a Chinese man and wobbles his head all the time?…Yeah, that guy.

Well, he  toured in Cardiff Motorpoint Arena recently, for nine nights, and I’m glad to say that I got to see his amazing show!

Now, before I go on, some people might want to view the video clip I attached first so I just want to say, this is NOT from his tour, but it’s from his gig in Swansea. But, I just love this clip of him!

Okay, let’s carry on…

So, the arena was jam-packed with people, absolutely full! I couldn’t find any empty seats at all when he started, but he managed to pick out five in one place and made a joke out of it! (What a natural!)

It was a two hour show with an interval and an encore and he had everyone laughing non-stop, except for the guy next to me who was just some miserable boy.

Anyway, he came out jumping around the stage and doing his stuff and he managed to really kick off the night. All the jokes he did in the full two hours were (which he told in his programme) about topics that happen in everyone’s lives and what everyone experiences.

He told about the weather, Olympics, dentists and so on. Things that everyone would be able to agree with what he was talking about.

This is a little bit from his programme too, which I found quite funny..

‘Michael, who is constantly jotting down comic ideas, goes on to disclose that he will also be doing a routine about the plethora of ropes, which create lanes you have to queue in at airports. “All those ropes seem to be there for no reason. If we introduced more ropes across the country, we could solve our obesity problem.. To make people take more exercise, the supermarket could put ropes everywhere. It would work because British people never disobey a cordon!”‘

Which is true. If these airport lanes were put around the country, people would get more exercise. Imagine walking back and forth down a corridor in your school or university, just to get to one side of the corridor to the other!
Fair enough, it would get quite annoying..

He also told about the naming of children, and how some names are spelt different, but pronounced the same. Like Steven and Stephen, you wouldn’t literally call your son ‘Step-hen’ would you?
He also said Jeff and Ge-off and Sara and Sara-h.

I’m not going to go on saying about his jokes because I might spoil it for people, his tour DVD will be able to buy on 12th November (3 days before my birthday… *Hint hint*;) ) So if you do get a chance, I strongly recommend buying it, for two hours of laughter!

Michael McIntyre, a natural comedian!


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