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After a three-year break of releasing music, Miley Cyrus is back with her brand new single, ‘We Can’t Stop’. After filming two features – ‘LOL’ and ‘So Undercover’ and collab’ing with Borgore and Snoop Lion, Miley has gone back to making music. Hooray!

After an agonizing wait of at least 37 months, I am extremely excited that Miley has dropped her new track after premiering it on Ryan Seacrest’s show in America.

The track, We Can’t Stop, is completely different to what I expected. Miley has definitely grown up from her Hannah Montana days. Now 21, Miley has matured so much, but still has her crazy partying side of her, with a video of her twerking hitting the internet a few months ago. With her independent and strong “in your face” vibes and being her own person, I was expecting a fast, upbeat song that would be played in clubs. Boy was I in for a surprise.

‘We Can’t Stop’ is a much slower, ghetto type of song which I never really expected from Miley, but nevertheless, I am in love with it and am waiting for the day it will be released on UK iTunes. It’s definitely a track I’ll be playing this summer! I love the strange voice chanting ‘It’s our party we can do what we want, it’s our party we can say what we want’ throughout, Miley’s self-reference, ‘Dancing with Miley, doing whatever we want’ and the reference to haters.

Although Miley and I have gone in our separate directions, she’ll always be a girl I will look up to and I still love her music and she still inspires me to be myself and to stick my middle finger up with pride to people who try to stop me from being myself and this song definitely backs that up.

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