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This is my review on Minecraft – the really popular building simulator.
The basic aim of the game is that you break and place blocks while fighting mobs along the way. However, we’ll look into that a little further in but for now let’s talk about the gamemodes.

Survival is a mode where you have to collect your materials and survive the night when the dead rise, also in this mode you have unique features unlike any other game I have played. The hunger bar is one of these features. The hunger bar does what it says, it monitors your hunger, but there’s a twist. If you let your hunger bar go down past two bars your health will not regenerate; if you let it go past halfway you won’t be able to sprint; and on any difficulty above easy you will die of starvation. There’s an underwater breath meter which, when you’re swimming, will show how much breath you’ve got left before you start drowning. The only thing you want to do with the breath bar is not let it go empty because when that happens you drown. The only other bars in this game are your health bar – pretty standard, arcade game style row of hearts – and the XP bar.

2. Creative.

This one is similar to Survival Mode, with the hunger and underwater breath bars taken out, and you can fly and you have unlimited blocks and stuff you can’t get in survival. Oh, and you can’t die in Creative Mode.

Now for some complicated stuff known as redstone. In the newest update there are now four types of rails. I will talk about each one in detail now.

1. Standard Rail.

This one does not get powered so it does not boost your minecart. It will still go if you get in the minecart and use your WASD keys to move along the track.

2. Powered Rail.

This particular rail is just a booster rail, when powered with a redstone signal it will make your minecart go forward 16 blocks automatically.

3. Detector Rail.

When a minecart has a mob inside it will transmit a redstone signal in any way it can, so if there’s a powered rail in front of it the detector rail will power it.

4. Activator Rail.

This one’s the newest rail. Released in 1.5, it simply activates the T’n’T cart.

Now I will list the other redstone items and talk you through what some of them do.

1. Redstone.

This is like a wire, you use it as an electrical current.

2. Redstone Block.

This is just a compact storage for redstone.

3. Redstone Repeater.

This just enhances the signal of the redstone.

Now for the review.

Graphics: these leave a lot to be desired but before you diss the game because of its graphics most computers won’t be able to handle Minecraft if it had modern day graphics.

Gameplay: this game’s gameplay is actually very entertaining because you can do whatever you please really, as long as its gameplay-related.

Overall rating: a VGBish rating of 9/10.

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