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Have you ever met a person and you didn’t think you would talk that much, but then after a few months, you’re super close? I feel like that right now. I think that when I make friends by accident, those friendships tend to be the strongest.

One of my friends has really proved this lately. I guess you could say we met by accident. She was talking to some other people I knew and she noticed I was alone. She had the confidence to ask me to join in with the conversation. We ended up having a super long conversation and then we just became good friends. Over the past few months, our friendship has grown stronger. I consider her one of my best friends now! I didn’t think we’d be close for this long. A lot of past friends I’ve had, the trust I had for them just smashed into pieces, but this girl proved me wrong and showed that not everyone is like that and I am so glad that I met her now, as she’s opened my eyes to be able to make more friends and be confident about it.

Another friend I’ve met is an extremely caring person. I didn’t know it was possible to be this caring! I met them not long after I met the first friend I spoke about. I think this friend has taught me that I am living for me and not for anyone else. This friend is also really funny and caring. I’ve also learned that friends can be of different ages and you don’t have to be friends with people your age. I don’t know how I coped in life before I met this person!

Then there are two friends that live quite far away from me, but they’ve taught me many things. One thing being that I can have friends from other places and not just local friends. One girl is very good with advice and can cheer me up with little inside jokes. The other girl is a pretty crazy one that I tend to call my sister from another mister, or just my twin because we tend to think alike now and then. She’s taught me how to forget the ones in my past that hurt me and just move on. I wish they lived closer, though. That would be amazing.

I’ve made so many more friends lately, if I attempt to list them, I might be here for some time! I’m really proud of myself because after meeting some kids at school, I didn’t think I was ever going to make proper friends. Well, these guys have proved me wrong! Since meeting them, I don’t think I’ve been happier! So, if you ever think that you don’t fit in with people at school, don’t worry, you will find your own friends soon. Hang in there, I promise it will get better. My friends are proof!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Yes. Yes you do! There’s not many of them from around where we live, but yo, my veggie buddy, you are indeed a true friend! Say… did I isnpire you for your latest article then? 😉 haha (same names) x x x x

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