Monologue – The Liar

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I thought our friendship was a promise, but I was obviously wrong. 

She only cares about herself. We’re meant to be there for each other. We’re really similar in life. Only thing is, she’s a liar. Breaks promises and lies about why. The thing is, she’s terrible at lying because I find out easily. And the more she lies, the more obvious it gets. I think over the past two years, she’s been at her worst. She lied about her boyfriend, she lied about having a serious illness. She just can’t seem to stop it. 

It came to the last straw last night. She lied yet again about why she couldn’t spend time with me. Thanks to Facebook, I found out the truth. That’s another thing that proves she’s a liar, her Facebook account. It says the opposite of what she supposedly says to me and her other close mates. I don’t think she notices that her little lies hurts people around her.

I’ve decided, the next time she gets hurt or stuck due to her stupid pathetic tales, I won’t be there to help her. When she makes a mess, I won’t be there to clean it. I’m done.

Image is called Lies and Liar by Ben Haine (All Rights Reserved)

2 thoughts on “Monologue – The Liar”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aw Jazmin! So sorry! I feel for you I really do. At least you have me now though 😛

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    What have I told you about calling me Jazmin? It’s Jazz! haha. And aww thank you. And yes, I have you now so that makes it much better. Even though I have to pay for your food when we’re out and you lost the mobile phone I bought you. haha, nah don’t worry about it. I love you really! I’m super glad you’re in my life these days :’) x

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