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MTV: The Valleys has caused quite a bit of controversy since everyone first heard about it. If you haven’t heard about it or even read about it then check out our article here, which gives you all the information you’ll need.

Many people think the show is going to portray Valleys people in a false pretence. Many people think that the contestants taking part in the show will bring an even bigger stigma to the people in the Valleys than there already is. Most contestants in reality TV shows play up to the camera in order to a) gain popularity whilst taking part in the show, hence having more chance of becoming famous when the show ends (but they end up creating an artificial image of themselves and of where they come from) or b) believe taking part in the show is their one-and-only chance of fame so they’re prepared to make themselves look and sound as astonishingly dense as possible. Let’s face it – the people who depict themselves as not having many brain cells on the reality shows more often than not end up becoming the more successful ones. But they’re not that unintelligent are they? Their game-plan worked but, still, people don’t think about that and believe they’re as slow on the uptake as much as they represented they were on the show. It’s a fickle world, eh?

While I’m on the subject of intelligence, one of the contestants taking part in MTV: The Valleys brims to the recesses of my mind.

Jenna Jonathon.

She’s just completed a Law degree – which is an impressive feat – but instead of using her obvious intelligence, she prefers to use her looks instead. Her reason?

“You’re only young once and your looks are going to fade,” she laughs. “Law is a bit too boring; I’ve always wanted to model while I still can!”

Fair enough. She’s right. Her looks are going to fade. She’s going to end up as much like a living piece of leather and creaking bones as much as the rest of us. You can’t really say what she’s doing is stupid, because it isn’t. And she isn’t. As is obvious with her law degree background. But isn’t there something scratching at your skull? Shouting – ‘No, no, don’t do it. Become an awesome lawyer or law-person or whatever your law degree allows you to do and show that there’s so much more you can do for yourself! Fight the cause!’

Or is that just me? Surely there must be one of you out there who agrees with my feeble argumentplease?

Another contestant is three-time world kickboxing champion, Aron Williams. He’s swapping the intensity of the ring for the tenacity of the public spotlight and it seems he’s using the show as an outlet to carve himself a career in sport. Some of his goals are to stage his own kickboxing events or to even star in an action movie, much like his idol: Jean Claude Van Damme. And why not? The show is certain to get a lot of publicity so it’s a really big opportunity for him. I’m guessing that a lot of people would love the chance to achieve their goals so go for it, I say.

One of the other contestants is 23 year-old call centre supervisor, Natalee Harris. She’s got aspirations to make it as a model and she says: “Good press or bad press, it’s all some kind of press. There’s going to be bitchiness and more hating but on a larger scale – it doesn’t really bother me.”

And on that note, the show has garnered a lot of negative press so far but is it deserved? Do people need to know other stories about where we come from, the Valleys?

So what I’m asking is this. I’m asking you lot, the people of Wicid, to comment on this article with stories of why you love the Valleys, stories about good things that have happened here, people from the Valleys who’ve made a success of themselves and why we, perhaps, don’t think MTV: The Valleys isn’t such a bad idea after all. That’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s show that there’s much more to the Valleys than what people are portraying and that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Ready? Setgo!


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