Music Is A Right, Not A Privilege

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Recently, Rhydywaun school decided to stop providing free music lessons for its students and thought it was a sensible idea to charge the pupils £13 a lesson each, that’s £130 every 10 weeks!

This is a despicable decision and will result in a devastating drop in the number of pupils choosing to play an instrument.

They have, however, decided that it would be fair for children who have free school dinners and whose parents are claiming benefits to still receive free music lessons, this is the best decision Rhydywaun have ever made given the amount of bad decisions they have made to date, but they did not even consider the fact that there are single parents who work with more than one child yet they are still expected to pay. This is not fair and the message they are sending to these children is that those who can’t afford to achieve, won’t.

One of Rhydywaun’s pupils recently began a petition expressing their view on the situation.

It is a valuable cause which is worth signing.

Rhydywaun has had 2 successful orchestras for over 10 years – these recent cuts have meant the senior orchestra falling apart. A once extraordinary and skilled orchestra is no more. Having competed in The National Eisteddfod and doing many concerts to display Rhydywaun’s musical talent, it is now made up of 4 desks of violins, 1 cello, a piano and a few woodwind instruments which has resulted in its closure altogether.

This whole situation is devastating news for the pupils of Rhydywaun who are thinking of or are taking music as a GCSE, as they have no choice but to pay. No other school in R.C.T pay the full price for music lessons.

“I’m distraught by these decisions as it effects myself and all friends, it shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Even private schools provide free music lessons!” Megan, year 9.

“I have free school dinners so I’m receiving free music lessons but my mother may go back to work soon. I know if she does that I won’t be able to carry on playing, and I’ve taken music as a GCSE so this really worries me,” Joel, year 9.

This isn’t right and we shouldn’t allow it to happen.

Music is a right, not a privilege.


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