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Oh. Ms Trez. Mistress. I see what you did there. That’s quite clever, isn’t it? Obviously, this name will be the first introduction anyone will get to this new Swedish all-girl three piece . So, what does a name entail? There are several very good examples; Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays. Ms Trez’s name, however, comes across as a bit of a conundrum.

Quite simply, it implies sexuality, sensuality, and an element of the ‘Other Woman’ – someone’s mistress. A woman, and character, most people would not like. A mistress is a femme fatale waiting to strike. A life-ruiner. A home-wrecker.

Strangely enough, Ms Trez seem in their music to want to take control of the men in their lives. No longer is the mistress the merely objectified toy of their partner. Ms Trez want and need to be in control of their relationships. They tell their men to ‘Man Up.’ They ask their man to meet up with them in ‘L.A. at Night’ (whatever for I don’t know. Perhaps a healthy game of Scrabble? Yes. Let’s go for that.) and they lament over their ‘Sweet Liar.’

But underneath all this, there is the undying sense that there is a really good girl band – and some really good songs – fighting to break free from Ms Trez. Their EP’s opening song ‘Man Up’ starts this trend and should really come with a big flashing sign saying, ‘Men Stay Away’. There’s a good song fighting to break free from under the foundations of ‘Man Up’, its chorus is dying to break into a torrent of euphoric heartbreak but never seems to get there. The lyrics and beat need work. Amateur is a word that comes to mind, but it doesn’t in any sense degrade the band or their music, it just needs to be polished up a bit more. The girls’ voices need to blend together more often, because when they’re not it seems like each individual voice, whilst powerful, is fighting for control. We can’t all be Nadine Coyle now girls, can we? Lyric of choice from this song; ‘We come here to party because we run this show.’ Indeed.

The other songs of this EP – ‘Sweet Liar’, ‘Louder’ and ‘Y.E.A.H.’ – are all extremely listenable pieces of Scandi-Pop, with ‘Sweet Liar’, a lovely ballad, certainly being a highlight.

But although Ms Trez may start to look like an increasingly promising girlband of the future, there is, of course, a low point. Everything has a low point. Doctor Who has Peter Kay. English literature has Pride and Prejudice. Born This Way has Bad Kids. And, sadly but inevitably, this low point comes in the form of ‘L.A. at Night.’

As well as a low point, this is where things take a turn for racy, dear readers. Of course, all girl bands have to be racy. They have to. It’s an intrinsic part of their evolution from ‘girls’ to ‘women.’ It happened with the Spice Girls. It happened with Girls Aloud. It even happened to B*witched and it’ll even happen to Little Mix. But you do get the feeling that Ms Trez are trying a bit too hard to be racy, although this song does go some way for female sexuality taking control in a relationship.

Female sexuality can, of course, be found everywhere in music. Rihanna practically embodies it and although her on-stage performances are becoming increasingly lurid and ‘Rated R’ (hehe), at least her music tones this sexuality down to a level where it is at least marketable to the public. And, whatever you may think of Rihanna, you take her seriously; as a woman and a pop star.

The same can’t be said for Ms Trez on this song. Sure, write a song about hooking up with a man in L.A. at night but don’t make it so the subject matter becomes increasingly uncomfortable to listen to, as it becomes cheesier and cheesier with each mention of the old No Pants Dance. ‘See what’s for dessert’ is where the word ‘cringe’ took on a whole different meaning. Another personal lyric favourite; ‘Check your ego at the door. I’m the star you should adore.’

This certainly shows that Ms Trez take themselves seriously as popstars, even though the listener may not – and really should not, this accolade needs to be earned of course – see them as such. This song also does include several references to ‘swag’ so beware.

So, there we have it. Ms Trez are, in actual fact, quite good. They need to sort out some kinks, work on the image, work on their marketable aspects and they should be really good, if not excellent. But there’s plenty of time for that. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Lady Gaga. And for now, this EP has some pretty outstanding pop music.


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