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I’m sitting here with my friend Leg-End-Lee (also a wicid user) and we like completely different music. Often we can discuss why we like said music (I like metal, he likes rap) but we never argue about it. What we can’t understand is why there is so much controversy over what music you like. For example if I said that I liked My Chemical Romance ( I know they aren’t metal, sue me) I could perhaps be called an emo just for saying I like that particular band. This is a form of prejudice in my opinion, and I do not know why it happens. It can also be taken the other way round, as if someone said they liked Eminem, they could be called Americanised, and both of these stereotypes could be completely untrue and more often than not are. What we find particularly strange is that people have disagreements over music when Leg-End-Lee and I are fine with each other liking completely different types of music. Is it just that many people are irrational about music or is it a particularly passionate subject for some people? You decide.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    We get stereotyped like mad at our school for music & looks,etc. I get sometimes classes as emo for my dark brown hair which apparently looks black and then just a freak for liking a random mix of music. But one girl in my school LOVES Paramore, Guns and Roses and all that and gets called Emo and Goth but shes the exact opposite. I think it’s stupid being stereotyped for what we all like. If my friends like Selena Gomez (although I strongly dislike her myself) then I accept them. Unfortunatley, people can’t accept me and my friends for our “individuality” but that’s their problem, not ours.

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