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Yn Gymraeg

Today, Friday 13th April *cue gasps of horror!*, I, along with Jazz, known as Ihavethecyrusvirusx, CrazyDistortion, DanCLIC, CindyCLIC and AnikoPromo helped pack goody bags for the CLIC Information Right Now event that is taking place on Tuesday 17th April. We worked really well as a team and filled about 200 bags. Since we had nothing else to do today, we stayed and hung around the ProMo-Cymru offices and watched work being done before heading out to the bay to get some lunch and hand out some awesome CLICzines with Dan. We managed to give away two entire bags full of zines!

I really enjoyed today and I think the ProMo-Cymru offices are awesome. I learnt a lot more about CLIC and even got a super cool CLIC top! Happy days!

Thank you CLIC for inviting me along today and to Ihavethecyrusvirusx for helping me write this article.

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