My Friend

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You were my inspiration, my muse, my song.
‘Till feelings of doubt and regret came along.
Regret of the future, not yet passed,
And doubt of the present, the doubt it would last.
The feeling one has, when one finds ones friend,
To a woman, is overcome and twisted around the bend.
For women seek security, companionship and love,
When all they need is friendship, pure as a dove.
I realised too late, that’s what I craved,
And I begged hopelessly, that it could be saved.
I felt trapped, and scared, I loved you too much,
But I didn’t feel right, with the way that you touched.
I needed a friend, I turned you a foe,
I tried to push you away, but I loved you so.
Do not think it was time wasted in vain,
But I should have spoken, taken time to complain.
Oh, the things people say, or write, or do,
Can make you realise, how much you miss being you.
Some change for others without their consent,
Then realise their actions and rise to repent.
It’s the people you love that warn you to heed.
And make you realise, they’re all that you need.
When you’re broken, they’ll help you mend.
And love you completely. ‘Till the very end.


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