My Help 100 Charities Challenge!

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Hi guys!

I’ve set myself a challenge and I’ve decided to tell you about it!

I love helping charities. A hell of a lot. Ask anyone who knows me well. So, one bored and random night, whilst on my laptop, with charity events I am organising running around in my mind, I decided “Hey. Why not set myself a challenge?” So I did. The challenge? To help 100 charities within 12 years. Now, it might not seem so bad, but remember – I’m 17 years old and in college. I have a family, friends, work to do. I have things that will get in my way, but I’ve had enough of not being able to help everyone and so I’m going to do it. Whether it’s an event, being sponsored, making and selling things, anything! And I don’t have to do it alone. I have an amazing family who I’ll have backing me up and some awesome friends. I also have my own project, Inspire, which I created and part of the project is to help charities, so that will play a big part in my challenge.

I won’t back down from this. I want to do it so much and if I don’t, then I’ll be so disappointed in myself. I’m not going to give myself an exact deadline, but in 12 years from now, I want to have hepled around 100 charities and if I’m close, then so what? I’ll just work those extra few months to finish up. If I don’t reach my goal in time, then I just move my time. Why? Because charity doesn’t have a limit. There’s always someone who needs to be helped.

It’d be amazing if you could support me. If you know of a charity you think I should help, please let me know! If it’s local to you but not near me, it will be hard but I’ll try! I’m not writing out 100 charities and that’s that – I’m just going to help charities I know/find on my way. It’s a pretty flexible challenge, but it still needs me to do it. So I will.

I have a blog which I will use to track what I’m doing. Check it out!

Let me know of any charities or any ideas in the comments. Thanks and wish me luck!


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