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Buddy, Julius and Charmain went around the back, the back door was open, and they felt nervous and scared. Buddy was so scared he wished they were not here and that they could just go home. Julius was dying to know what was in the house. The door was open, they walked in and saw a big hook with a few cats on it, they were helpless and bloody and they felt sick and upset, and they were thinking that the crazy old lady might be right. All three of their hearts were racing.

They went upstairs, the stairs was creaking and dusty and had a great big hole in it, a spider went in their faces. Charmain screamed, Julius laughed at her and said “you big baby”. It really shook her up. They saw the Beast, he had a great big knife, at this point they felt like crying, he went for buddy so Buddy ran, the Beast went after him down the stairs then he fell into the hole. Buddy was thinking was this going to be his last thought, he went downstairs but went to the front door instead of the back one, it was locked, Buddy was really frightened and the beast had him. Charmain and Julius went to phone the police.

The police broke in and killed the Beast and Buddy was fine, thanks to his friends. Julius and Charmain were relieved that they saved his life and Buddy found out that his father had nothing to do with the house.


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