My Relationship With Stationery

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To start, I just want to point out that this isn’t an article on amazing supernatural stationery that makes the world a better place.

No, it is far from that.

Stationery is evil.

They disappear. Without you even moving them. They just go. Not even a kind, “Goodbye, see you next year when you stumble across me once you’ve purchased a new me.”

Anyone else find that? You lose something you desperately need, freakishly rage out when you can’t find it and give up. Well, I do. Then that once in a blue moon comes along, you clean your room and you find that devilish piece of equipment you lost months ago, which you don’t have any use for anymore since you have another. Uh, yeh.

This irritates me more than any human being could possibly imagine. (I don’t think this is normal…) It’s like someone holding that thing you desperately need right in front of you, on a string, and you reaching out to grab it but society isn’t in a nice mood and decides not to hand it to you.

What even?! What are you doing to me? Do erasers, pencils and sharpeners loathe me so much that they decide to up and leave me?

I’m not joking. This is a deadly serious article.

Rulers are great. They never leave my side. But they are utterly useless to me. They are the most pointless tool I could have, to be honest.

Then there’s pencils. These things are beautiful. They are my best friends, but they always disappear. I don’t mind these too much, because I have thousands of them. It is rather annoying, but hey, I can live!

My relationship with erasers is the worst. I buy one, use it once and it’s gone. Forever. I don’t know what I do wrong. Is it me? Or does this happen to other people?

I apologise for my rant, just needed to get that out there. Yep.

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1 thought on “My Relationship With Stationery”

  1. BethanTheBarmy says:

    I have so many old rubbers lying around from where I’ve had them, lost them, and found them again. Every damn time I need one, there’s not a single rubber to be found!

    One of the great things about WICID and CLIC is all the free stationery, though. I have so many CLIC pens that I’m pretty sure I’ll not need to buy a new pen until the day I retire.

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