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Day 1: Today on the 20th June 2011 my school asked us who we would like to be prom king or queen. They give us a list of names and we picked the boy or girl we wanted to be king or queen. Later on in the day my friend asked everyone who they picked and to her surprise they’d picked couples, and she told us, to be prom king or queen there were three runner ups.

Day 2 : They haven’t said who the prom king or queen is yet, but it’s going to be interesting when the teacher say who it is because they have to open the dancing and go up in front of everyone. I’ll tell you more later if there’s anymore news.

Day 3: We’re going to Techniquest today in school, it’s gonna be fun.
I’ve just been to Techniquest, and it was fun. We went in this star thing and it was cool. Later in the day when we were going back to school, me and one of the other girls where tickling one of the boys. We still haven’t been told who is prom king and queen, but they did say that prom is on the 15th of July.

Day 4: Not that much goes on in school, but there’s a lot of drama.

Day 5: Today after school me and my friend went to see ‘Bridesmaids’, it was ok but not something I would go and see all the time. It looked fun and bits of it were fun, like when they were having a chocolate fit, that was funny.

Day 6: Today me, Danni and my mum went to the shop to buy a dress. The first shop we went in to I found my dress. The second shop, my shoes.

Day 7: Today it’s prom day. I went into school with my dress safe in a bag and went to see my friends and we showed off all of our dresses.
We then went inside and had reg than we went to the hall for a minute or so and went back to class. Later we put on our dresses and got ready for prom. Me and the girls went into class to see the others.
Later when we were outside for break, the girls were asking me if I like Cory, I said yes. When I looked over at the girls they were talking to Cory, I didn’t know what they were saying, but later Cory sent the girls to talk to me to ask if I wanted to be his girlfriend? I said yes because I’d liked Cory from the day I started school here, so I was happy. It was dinner time and me and the girls where leaving the hall when a boy waist but no one now who he was waist at.

It was time for prom, it was so pretty with the window blacked out and all the coloured lights. Me and the girls were dancing, then we got some of the teachers to dance. It was fun, but it was to warm in the hall so I went to the toilets to freshen up and then I went back to the hall to dance. But then I was feeling dizzy so I went outside with Cory, but some boys started following us so we went and sat on a bench to talk.
Then it was time for prom king, queen, prince and princess to be announced but I can’t say who got it. That was the end of the night and it was fun. It’s going to be in my mind for ever.

Day 10: I went with my school to Oakwood Park. Me and my friends were having fun but my boyfriend was with his friend and I wanted to go on a ride with him. Later the boys said that they hadn’t been on any rides. It was the last day of school and what was sad.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Awh sounds amazing! I wish our school did a prom! I might nag our new Head of Year to see if we can have one for year 11. You need to upload more pictures of you from prom! I saw one on Facebook, but I’d love to see more! You looked gorgeous, chica! x

  2. luna light says:

    thanck but i don’t have enery more pictures and yes it was fun so i hope you nag you head teacher becuse it lot of fun so good luck

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