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I don’t care if what I just wrote doesn’t make any sense or if it never gets into the charts or even if no one ever listens to it, but I did just write a song, “Singing My Little Song“. Writing this really helped me 🙂 x


“I’m in a singing mood. Wishing I was draped across the piano, in a cheap synthetic wig, sequined dress and 10 inch heels. I’m just tryin’ to be me so drink, take sip until your head stops spinning. I’m happy as long as the wind keeps, blowin’ and I’m still glowin’, singing my little song ..”

Singing My Little Song

I’m tired of always being the one whose wrong,
Dressing up in a way you think is wrong,
To solve all my worries,
I’m going to start in a hurry,
Burning the heels and snapping the strap on my studded clutch!
I’m going to smash up the foundation bottle,
Snap every eye liner in my draw,
I don’t need that blush no more,
Powder’s makin’ my nose itch.
I’m pouring all the lip gloss down the drain,
Hopin’ I’ll feel sane once more.
I just can’t take it,
This isn’t fakin’.
I wanna be a boy again.

If this is what I’ve got to do to make you love me,
Then trust me,
I’m willing but it’s just lying.
I want to be beautiful,
Lashes longer than a football field,
That’s what I see as beautiful and that’s what I need.
Please oh please,
Stop hatin’ me,
I can’t take it any more.
I want to be a boy again.
I wanna feel like a man,
I want to be a boy again.

You’d think after all these years of being me,
You’d have seen life my way long ago,
I know you’re worried about me but you don’t need to be,
I’ve been through so much worse than name-calling’,
Trust me!
I can’t take this any more,
Your this close to throwing me through the door but please oh please,
If you were to disown me,
Throw me a lipstick for luck buddy!

There are times that I,
Really don’t want to be me because,
It seems to be the only character I can’t play,
I’m not acting up but I’m losing the plot!
Mr Narrator tell me how I’m suppose to feel,
Cos I don’t know any more,
Is this even real?
I want to be me.
I wanna be myself.
There’s nothing wrong with my mental health,
But I am in pain,
Someone tell me please.

Do I wanna be a boy or a girl?
I don’t know any more people keep changing the rules as they go,
but I’d better pick a side,
I just gotta pick a side,
I wanna be me,
I want to be me,
I need to be me,
That’s all I need,
I need to want to be me and that’s all I can do,
I want to be,

Keep on singing my song,
If you don’t then who will?
Keep spreading the words of wisdom,
If you don’t they’ll never know,
Keep on singing my song,
So they know there’s nothing wrong with them,
Keep on singing my song.

Ooooh, oooh, yeahhh.


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