My Top Five Xbox 360 Games

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5) Avatar – This game is a good buy as it’s a good length and it isn’t too easy, this is always good in a game because you always need a challenge. This game is also a very good buy because it gives you a choice of which side to go on. Good or bad. In this game you have to collect shards from the land.
4) Grand Theft auto4 – This game is a very good game as it is challenging and you have to complete lots of missions. After you finish the missions you can have free roam around the city which is good because you can see all the things that you haven’t done while you’re in the game. There are a number of things to do around the place ranging from flying helicopters to driving cars.
3) Call Of Duty: black ops – This game is a very realistic game in the world of warfare and there’s a lot of blood and violence. If you’re into games like this that’s a good thing. The best thing about this game is that the graphics are really good and the missions and multiplayer are excellent. The only two downfalls about this game is that there are no multiplayer missions and there aren’t many missions but apart from that the games a good one.
2) Blur -This game is a very good cross between deathrace and fortza. In the game you race around a circuit and pick up either a mine, nitros, rocket, lightning, bolts and shunts. Overall this game is a good game and for £15 this is a really good game
1) Formula1 2010 – This game is a good buy as you can get introduced to formula 1 racing. This game is so good that I bought a steering wheel to go with it. This game has such good graphics that it looks real, it lets you select the pit stop lap and when you want to come in. You can also select the tyres, the ride height and the down force. Within the game, you have your own race engineer who suggests you car setup for you. When you are in the pits you can see on the screen what the weather is or what the chance of rain is. Overall this game is highly recommended by me and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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    I knew that Call of Duty and Formula 1 would be involved! But yeah good article 🙂

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