My Vampire Story Meets Bitten By Love – Part 3

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James looked at her in shock and then looked at me and Anya, now standing by him. 

“James, who is she?” Anya asked. James said nothing and then suddenly the girl looked at me and said “Hello Lillyana” 

I just stared at her and then suddenly, she ran as quick as a flash. James and I looked behind us and she was holding Anya against the wall by her neck. James ran to her trying to pull her off Anya but she was too strong. James only fed off the blood of animals so he was not very powerful. I tried to help and I managed to pull her away.

Eve and Sam ran to us. 

“James get Anya out of here” I shouted “We will deal with her.” 

James grabbed Anya by her arm and pulled her outside. “Wow Lillyana,” said the girl “you are jealous. Brilliant., my master will be so happy to here this. But first, I need the girl.” 

Eve grabbed her and Sam held her down. She looked up at me, her eyes black and cold like night.

“What do you want? Why are you here?” I asked her, and she answered with a question.

“How does it feel, Lillyana, to have the man you love stolen from you and by a human?” Her voice was cold and she smiled sarcastically. Eve was still holding her back 

“Don’t listen to that Lillyana, she is trying to get to you” I did not say a word. I just looked at her she began to speak again. 

“I can help you,” she said, coldly “I only want the girl. I will take her away and you can have James all to yourself” I stared in her emotionless eyes. I wanted to kill her, rip that smug face right off but I had to control myself.” 

Suddenly, Eve and Sam collapsed. She was holding them. They were in pain. I ran to her but she disappeared. Sam and Eve were on the floor arms bent around their backs. 

James ran in with Anya. “I heard her leave, what happened?” 

I looked at him and said that I was not sure. Then, I looked at Anya. She smiled at me and I gave her a fake smile back. 

“Thank you for saving me” she said. 

“I didn’t do it for you” I said. I looked at James and left.


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