My Vampire Story Meets Bitten By Love – Part 4

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I ran to the door but it was now day. When I opened the door, my skin started to blister and burn.

I was screaming, I couldn’t move.

James ran to the door, the sun touched his skin but nothing happened.

“The Sun, it doesn’t hurt you but it burned her, what’s going on?” asked Anya.

“He is a daywalker,” said Eve “A very rare type of vampire who doesn’t get hurt by sunlight”.

He sat me down and my skin started to heal slowly. “Here drink this” said Sam. James looked at him, he seemed annoyed.

“What?” asked Sam “It’s only deer blood.”

I looked at Anya and she smiled. “You’re staying here tonight, you need somewhere to stay” James announced, his voice deep and loud “You can sleep in the guest room.”

He could tell I was weak and I couldn’t look after myself. I am a new Vampire and the sun can make me very weak. “She needs someone to take care of her, she is very weak.”

Eve said, looking serious “We need to sort out the girl hunting down Anya.”

“I will look after her.”

We all looked at Anya in amazement. “She saved my life. It’s the least I can do”

I looked at her, my face a picture. This girl may look like me but she is my complete opposite. She was kind and loving and I am cruel and vicious. I started to like her.


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