My Vampire Story meets Bitten by Love – Part 6

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Anya, James, Eve, Sam, Lillyana

The door swung open and James and Sam were standing by the door they looked worried “What’s going on?” Anya asked
“Its Eve” Sam said quickly “She…”
“She’s been staked” James finished.
I looked at them and sat up quickly “What? By who? I was the only Vampire slayer around here and I’m dead” They looked at me and then at the corner of my eye I saw somthing on Anya’s hand, a mark
“Anya, What is that?” Anya looked down and she lifted her hand she looked amazed,
“I don’t know, I never noticed it before” James walked to her and grabbed her hand “I can’t believe it”
“That mark is ‘the Agrain’. James pass my the book from my bag” I ordered. He walked to it and handed it to me still staring at her hand, I flipped the pages, I knew what I was looking for
“Here it is ‘the Agrain'” On the page was an image of a creature like thing, it was impossible to tell what it was, but it was on Anya’s hand
“It says that this mark is the mark of the chosen one, the chosen one is known to be able to brake the curse of Vampires, destroy Evil and free the children, it destroys the head vampires and…” I stopped I didn’t want to read on, it was to terrible but I had to “and if the chosen one is killed it will bring the end to all good, and evil shall rule”
“There’s more?” said Sam
“Yes” I replied “to brake the curse the chosen one must go to the throne in Acaila, Vampire hell, don’t ask, and bring with them their chosen love and all will be saved”


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