My Vampire Story meets Bitten by Love – Part 7

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“Wait a minute” Anya said waving her hands, she was worried “This is very fairy tale like, Chosen Love, and all that and Vampire Hell? That makes no sense and what does Agrain mean?”
I looked at her and then at James, he looked very worried, “Its Saraman the language of the vampires, well it was, the language is as dead as me and James” Sam coughed ” And everything to do with vampires is like a fairy tale or vampire tale, but that’s not important and you have to go to Acaila with your chosen love” I knew who she had chosen and it hurt to much to think about it. I wanted to be friends with Anya but I loved James and so did Anya and he chose her.
“Lillyana, Lillyana are you ok?” Anya was shouting I didn’t notice I was crying. “It’s ok, I’m fine, you two have to go to Acaila and I have to tell you something, your name Anya means Child of Fire in Saraman”
I climbed out of bed, I was still wearing my jeans and black shirt, and I, Anya and the boys were off, there was only one way to go to Acaila.
We had to find Eve’s body soon before it was too late.
“Can’t we pull the stake out and she will come back?” Anya asked when we found Eve. James was holding her. She was crying, her tears were staining his shirt.
I couldn’t blame her, it’s hard to see at first. Eve’s body was grey like stone, chipping like a crumbling stone, her eyes were black and her long beautiful brown hair was grey and dry. It was a horrible site.
“Sorry Anya” Sam said “It doesn’t work that way, besides how do you think me and James feel, she was our sist…” just before he could finish that sentence, there was a flash and a swirl of black and gold appeared in front of us, blowing my ponytail and Anya’s loose wavy hair all over the place. Here it goes, I thought, Highway to hell.
I entered the hole and the others followed, as soon as we entered, everything went black. I was knocked out. When I woke up, I was in a cave. I was wearing a long white dress and next to me was Anya, wearing the same thing, and James and Sam were wearing black suits.  All the clothes were tattered, we looked like we got attacked after a wedding.
I looked at Anya’s hand and it was bright red. “Oh My God” Anya shouted I looked up and there was Eve in a long black dress and on her head a silver tiara
“Eve are you ok?” Anya asked. Eve didn’t move, she didn’t blink or speak, she was in a trance.


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