My Vampire Story meets Bitten by Love – Part 8

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“I will no longer be telling the story, Vampire Timelord will tell the rest”
“Eve” said Anya, feeling multiple emotions. Fear for James and the others, anger for whoever did this to Eve, and a few others.
“James I…I’m so sorry” James held her in his arms and she rested her head on his shoulders, her tears running down his back. Anya broke James’ hold on her, then walked up to his motionless sister and touched her face. To their surprise she blinked and said “Where am I?”
Eve was awake. 
Anya stepped back and stared at her red, glowing hand. “How?” she said.
“Your hand, you touched her, wished she was ok and she is” said Lillyana smiling. 
Eve ran to Anya and hugged her saying thank you over and over.

“Awww, what a lovely reunion” said a deep, smooth voice behind them, they turned and there stood a man with jet black hair, dead pale skin, a black suit and long satin cape.
“Dracula” said Lillyana. “Oh, I’ve been waiting for this.” She stepped up to him and he disappeared in a puff of smoke, and the next thing she knew her and James were on the floor and Dracula was holding a long nail to Anya’s throat!
“Try that again and the poster girl here gets it” they looked at him in shock and suddenly they were all out cold. When they awoke James, Sam, Lillyana and Eve were chained to a wall. The room was pitch black but James’ vampire senses allowed him to see. In the corner he saw Anya lying on a stone table, asleep. Dracula stood above her with a dagger.
“NO!” James pulled as hard as he could but he could not break the chain. Lillyana lay back and tried kicking his chains, and it worked, James ran as quick as a flash to Anya and lifted her off the table. Lillyana’s chains were not as tight and so she broke them easily.
She ran to Dracula and kicked the knife out of his hand, then jumped up and knocked him down.
He pushed her off and picked up a leg from a broken chair. He threw it at her, skewering her to a wall. She was dying a dead person’s death.

“No” Anya awoke “No!” she stood and took one step forward. Suddenly her skin glowed, her hair blew in the air, her eyes turned gold
“No more! You have brought too much pain. Sun Light”
Dracula’s skin started to burn, a horrible screech was heard and in his place was a pile of dust.
“Anya!” James hugged her tight and looked at the wall, only to see that Lillyana was not there, instead she was on the floor her wound gone.


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