My Vampire Story meets Bitten by Love: The end of Lillyana

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Anya, James, Sam, Eve, Lillyana
(Part 7 was the last part I could tell you the rest shall be told by Vampire Timelord)
Anya was scared, James held her and she buried her face in his chest Sam and Lillyana looked at eachother. No one knew what to say, Eve was motionless, her beautiful features emotionless. Her eyes were cold. Anya was weeping when James noticed something about her
“Anya” he said “You’re…you’re glowing” Anya stopped and looked at her hand, it was true, her skin was shining white. Her golden hair blowing in the air. She looked at Eve and suddenly the light was flowing from her skin to Eve’s body. Anya collapsed and Eve blinked, she was awake. “What the?” She gasped “Anya, James you must get out of here, he’s coming”. She went down and Sam lifted her and carried her over his shoulders and James carried Anya in his arms. They did not go very far before there was a crash and they all blanked out. When they awoke James and Lillyana were tied back to back and so were Eve and Sam, Anya was still out cold, she was chained to a wooden pole surrounded by sticks and hay. Like an old witch burning, thought Lillyana and then it came to her “James…” she was interrupted by laughter. A tall, attractive man walked into the room. He was wearing a black tuxedo and a long satin cape, his hair was black and cropped perfectly around his ears. “Ashiron” Lillyana shouted. “Lillyana” he replied “Long time, No see”.
“You say that like it’s a bad thing” she said her voice sullen “Let Anya go!”
He laughed again but did not speak. James was trying to untie the ropes. They were tight. The man, Ashiron, walked up to Anya and picked up a torch from the wall then he finally said “James, Lilly is a better choice” then he dropped the torch and the wood and hay lit. “NO!” James shouted. His anger built up and he finally broke, the ropes holding him and Lillyana down, he was quicker than lightning when he ripped the chains from Anya and lay her down away from the flames.
Lillyana untied Sam and Eve while James went for Ashiron. He was much stronger than ever before, he grabbed another torch and held in to Ashiron’s body every time he spoke;
“This is for my parents” BURN “This is for my sister” BURN “This is for this terrible curse” BURN “This is for Lillyana” BURN “And this is for Anya” BURN.
Ashiron was screaming, James’ face was full of hate and malice, his face so beautiful was full of pain and hate and vengance. The tables quickly turned. Ashiro grabbed James’ arm and threw him against the wall. He picked up a stick from the fire. Lillyana tried to fight him but he pinned her against the wall with the stake and picked up another, he walked to James and dropped the stick and started hitting him
“I am going to enjoy killing you, or I may make you half dead and then kill your family, kill your girl and then kill you”
Sam and Eve ran to him but he sent them flying. Anya opened her eyes to see, Anya and Sam unconscious on the ground, Lillyana attached to the wall, dead, and last she saw Ashiron holding a stake above James’ chest. A fire burned dead inside her and she shouted;
“ENOUGH” she stood and a red flame surrounded her and found it’s way to Ashiron, he was screaming
“How dare you hurt James. How dare you hurt his family. How dare you hurt Lillyana. How dare you!” She screamed and so did he he was burning and suddenly the screaming stopped and Ashiron was no more.


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