My Vampire Story meets Bitten by Love: The End

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Anya, James, Sam, Eve, Lillyana
James got up and Anya ran to him and wrapped her arms around him. Shenoticed that Sam and Eve were awake and did not have a scratch on them.She was smiling until she saw Lillyana on the floor, the stake was gone.
“Lillyana!” she shouted. Sam ran to the body, there was no mark, nogash, nothing. He leaned down next to her and checked her face
“She’s…She’s…Human and No!”
“What is it Sam?” Eve shouted.
“She’s DEAD”
James ran to Lillyana and he began to weep, Anya never saw him like this before.
“Lilly” he said “NO Lilly, wake up you can’t be dead, NO!”
“James”Anya spoke “She may be gone, but we can still give her a properceremony” She walked to him and closed Lillyana’s open eyes
“Eeshari” she said. Suddenly Lillyana’s body was gone and they werewhere they left off, even Eve was back, it was still night. Anya tookthem to a meadow in the forest and James lay Lillyana’s body down.
“The end has come but the story has just began, Let Lillyana walk with the spirits and let her soul wander free”
Lillyana’sbody began to float and the her image came from her, her face, herbody, her clothes, it was her spirit, she began to speak
“I’m not ready, no no NO!” she screeched andher body fell to the floor, the spirit was gone, Anya collapsed andLillyana’s eyes opened and everyone jumped back “I’m human again” shesaid “I’m alive”
James, Eve and Sam cheered and Lillyana spoke one more time “You can’t get rid of me that easy”


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