My Vampire Story Meets Bitten by Love

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I was running away from the library. I know that they had their own problems. I ran to Ikarm street, a good friend lives there. I knocked the door.

“Hello”, said a girl, “Lillyana” she said in shock.

“I heard the L word” said her older brother “Hi Eve. Hi Sam. Where’s James?”

As I said that a tall, handsome, dark haired boy came to the door and behind him was a girl tall, skinny, blonde, pretty. The boy was James but the girl I did not know. Eve said that I did not smell like a human any more and I told them what happened to me. “James, who is she?” the girl asked, she took the words right out of my mouth. “Anya, this is Lillyana, an old friend of mine. Lillyana, this is Anya.” We shook hands. Eve said how she was James’s true love. I said “Sweet” but I felt very jealous. In the past when I was a hunter, James, Eve and Sam helped me hunt down monsters and Evil Vamps and I always loved James.


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