My Vampire Story part 2

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The next day I walked up to my bedroom curtains, I slowly opened them, it took me at least 3 minutes before I closed them again.

I didn’t know why, but as soon as I opened them, my eyes burned terribly.  I grabbed my glasses but when I put them on everything went blurry, I took them off.
I could see perfectly!

I started to realise what was happening. I took and old dusty book from the shelf, it was dark brown and written on it was “Legends of the Dark”, I opened it, inside was written “Vampires live in darkness, but when pray is near it’s blood will bring the beast in, but if the leader chooses a chosen one, they will become the beast that made them”. I was the chosen and he made me like him.

I’m a new born Vampire. I’m not fully changed as I need my first kill for that to work.

“Lillyana” Shouted my little sister “Look Lillyana my tooth” she ran into my room “Look” she held in her hand a tooth, her tooth, she had lost her first tooth but I couldn’t concentrate on the tooth, only the blood, I suddenly felt hungry, I told her to go but she wouldn’t.  I lost control and I attacked!

I bit my sister! my first taste of Human blood, I pulled away.

“Sophie walk away do not remember this” I blanked her memory of what happened, but I wish I could do that to myself. I attacked my own sister. I’ve become a monster.

(Meanwhile In a the old house) “Father she is ready she has become” said one of tthe girls “Brilliant I knew she would be perfect” The man said.


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