My Vampire Story part 3

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I now know my dream was not a dream, they took me and made me a monster. A blood thirsty killer!  There is only one way of braking the curse, destroy the one who killed me.  I must find a way of destroying him, I can’t in the daytime as I’m now a full vampire.  The taste of human blood changed me totally,  if I leave I will explode!  I must wait till later when the sun has set. 

Night fell, I knew they were watching me but why I don’t know?  Why didn’t they kill me in the house when they had the chance?  How am I important?  If they killed me, my little sister wouldn’t be in the hospital with two slashes in her neck.  I had to concentrate on him, I started searching the woods for something I could used as a stake.  Then I went to the church, that was a mistake.  I entered the church and my skin scabbed, it went red I had to leave the holly water.  I went home and called my brother, I told him to grab some garlic from the kitchen and put it in my bag,  he did.  I am ready for tomorrow night………….


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