My Vampire: Story Part 4 (Revenge)

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I was ready. I packed up my stuff and opened the door. I looked up. It was dark, cold…

The sky was black and the moon was full. Two thin clouds passed the moon. It was pitch black yet I could see, as my senses were amplified when I turned. I ran to the old alley, the one I walked through the night I died. I heard people talking, two of them, both male. I jumped to the top of an old shed and there was no one to be seen. I ran to the old building and when I was about to open the door, I heard rustling in the bushes. I pushed the door open, ignoring the noise. They were not Vampires, I would have smelled it.

I ran into the house and the door slammed shut. I hurried to the cellar and opened the middle coffin. The one that was black with gold trim and a red cross on top. When I opened it, I was confused. It was empty. “Hello Lillyana” said the voice of the man from the beginning, “I guess killing you is not going to be as easy as I was hoping”. He sprayed a strange substance in my face. Holy water. Yet it did not harm me, just knocked me out.

I woke up on a table with a red cloth over it. A girl was standing over me with a stake.

“Goodbye Lillyana”

(To Be Continued)


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