My Vampire Story Part 5 (The Meeting)

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“Oh no you don’t” I shouted. I kicked the girl in the face only my arms were tied, I ripped off the ropes and ran
“I will get you Lillyana,  even if I need some help” the man said, then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.
I grabbed a stake from my bag “You, girl what’s your name?” I asked the girl “Wendy, he turned me and controlled me” she replied
I walked up to her “Sorry Wendy” I staked her and I ran out of the house where two men in uniform stood, these must be the help, the men I kept hearing around.
But they could not have been the help, they’re not Vampires or controlled, they grabbed me they were tough! then they carried me to a library, Aberdare library.
I heard two males speaking. I screamed hoping someone could hear me..
“This Vampire is a wimp” one of the men said, they locked me in a room
“Don’t worry little vampire, soon you will be gone along with this place” after they left, the door opened.  Two boys in guards uniforms
“You will die” I said
“We are here to help you” said one of the boys “Whats your name?”.
“I am Lillyana”…………

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    This is getting really interesting now, keep them coming.

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