My Vampire Story

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It was dark, I was on my way home from School when I heard a loud bang from behind me, they were here.

I ran to a old abandoned house behind the alley, the door was open. I went inside and saw a door leading to the cellar, I opened it and ran in, I didn’t notice the blood on the handle. They lived here, waiting till it was dark to attack. The cellar was where they slept,  2 women and a man.
There were 3 coffins laid out in the cellar, everyone knew about the house but only I knew of them. I heard the door open from outside the room,
“She is here” said the man, “I can smell her”. I knew there was no where to run, I hid in the smallest Coffin.

“Enjara she is in your Coffin” said the oldest girl,  “Grab her girls” the man shouted.  The Coffin creaked open, the two girls grabbed me, the man’s teeth enlarged, he closed in, his breath reeked of death, his teeth sunk into my neck and I felt my blood draining from my body, my eyes started to close….

I was dead.

I woke up in my bed, I looked around in the dark I felt my neck, it was all a dream,  or was it?

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    I really enjoyed this story, I’ll be waiting for part II.

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