National Baking Week!

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I adore baking! The smell of the mixture, the sound and warmth of the oven heating up and then that irresistible smell of cakes as they start to rise and form into tantalisingly tasty bits of perfection.

So between 15th and 21st October 2012 get out your ingredients, your novelty apron, your measuring jug and recipe book and go ahead and enjoy National Baking Week. Even get your friends and family involved! It’ll be worth it!

I enjoy baking cakes and shepherd’s pie (yummy) and this week I’m going to try to bake all the cakes I can. 🙂

Also, our Wicid Nan would love to try some of your cooking, so either tell us your favourite recipes in the comment box below or send samples to Wicid. (We can’t promise they’ll be sent back in one piece…)

So let’s get baking!


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