National Music Day

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On Saturday 27th October 2012, all over the world it is National Music Day.

National Music Day is all about promoting and playing music everywhere; whether it be in the streets, in cafes, in parks, your home, in work, youth club – the day is about playing and promoting music anywhere you can imagine. 

As you all might know some people celebrate National Music Day every day, in Cardiff you will always see somebody playing a musical instrument or singing in the city centre. But it’s not just Cardiff, it is done all over the world, because, for example, even on the other side of the world in New York you will hear or see music being played.

Me and our WicidEditor and Sub-Editor are musicians as I play drums and our WicidEditor plays a bit of bass (as does our Sub-Editor) or synths and is very good at putting music together.

If you play a musical instrument and enjoy playing please leave a comment below and say what instrument you play and how long you’ve been playing.

Let’s make some noise this National Music Day.


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